The Good Cow Co – 100% Pure A2 Cow Ghee (250 ml Pack), Organic, Bilona Method & Farm-Grass Fed Milk Cows for Unadulterated & Natural Ghee

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Why A2 ghee is healthier?

Unlike commercially produced alternatives, Say Ghee comes from A2 milk produced by Indian cows that are fed home-grown hydroponic fodder. A2 milk is an excellent source of good-for-you protein, much more than regular milk. To make sure this ghee is packed with nutrition, we only use the bilona method. In this traditional technique, raw and unprocessed milk is first boiled to convert to curd. It is then hand-churned with a wooden spatula and the butter obtained is separated and purified to get natural ghee.

How it benefits you and your family?

– Full of vitamins A, D, E AND K, it helps in strengthening immunity. These vitamins also play a major role in the functioning of the heart, brain and also bone development.
– Healthy source of fat: Devoid of any adulteration, it contains fatty acids that assist brain, nerve and skin health
– Rich in antioxidants:The antioxidant properties help fight signs of ageing and improve skin elasticity
– High heating point: While other oils generate toxic fumes at high temperature, ghee is recommended for frying food
– Great for skin and hair: Whether it’s chapped lips or dry hair, pure ghee is a miracle solution
– Treats wounds and burns: An age-old treatment known to cure swelling in the body

How you can make the best use of it?

Energize your mornings with one tablespoon of ghee directly or add it to your bulletproof tea/coffee. Piping hot paranthas or super healthy salads, delectable cake mix or creamy gravies – this superfood is the perfect combination of good smell and nutrition!

Why Good Cow Dairy must be your first choice for unadulterated, natural ghee?

Our creamy, aromatic ghee comes has clean ingredients and comes in eco-friendly packaging to suit an earth-friendly way of living. Non-GMO, 100% natural and free of impurities, we pride ourselves on providing pure products for a better, healthier you.

AS FRESH AS HOMEMADE GHEE – Like ghee made at home, our shudh ghee is not just rich in flavour but also heals and nourishes the body. It smells and taste amazingly well once heated and comes in 250g, 500g and 1kg variants.
PACKED WITH NUTRIENTS – Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and omega fatty acids, our best quality ghee is a nutrient powerhouse. Perfect addition to a gluten-free, paleo-friendly or keto-friendly diet.
ALL-ROUND DESI GOODNESS – A great substitute for regular butter, olive oil, coconut oil or any other cooking oil. You can also use it as cuticle cream, skin moisturiser, lip balm or hair mask.
FROM FARM TO FORK – Our dairy-free ghee comes from free-grazing and organic grass-fed cows. We only use the bilona method where natural curd is hand churned to get high grade clarified butter.

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