The Big Fat Company The Big Fat A2 Cow Ghee, Small Batch Artisanal ghee Made in Traditional Way, Golden, Grainy & Aromatic, Keto Friendly, German Glass jar, Non-Industrial Process 500 ml

Price: ₹799.00
(as of Oct 09,2021 21:23:53 UTC – Details)

The Big Fat Company Cow Ghee is made from the finest batches of A2 milk produced from native indigenous cows of the Indian region ● The Ghee is golden, grainy and and filled with goodness. ● What makes The Big Fat Company’s ghee special is the practice of making ghee in small batches in our kitchens ● No mass or industrial production ensures every batch is carefully crafted, every parameter monitored in person and made with a whole lot of love ● The milk, the most essential part of making ghee is sourced from our own farms to make the most exquisite yet delicate ghee that reeks of tradition, heritage and expertise ● Ghee – the Indian Superfood: Recent studies and many testimonials from renowned nutritionists across the world have now confirmed that Ghee indeed is a natural superfood ● However, the benefits are realised only if one consumes pure, authentic ghee ● Some of the most astounding benefits of pure ghee are as follows: – √ Acts as a natural immunity booster √ Natural source of Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids √ Aids weight loss by improving metabolism √ Natural anti inflammatory agent √ Helps lubricate joints in the body

❷ Process: We use a slow-cooking process to clarify butter (makhkhan) and extract the ghee. The ghee is made only in small batches to ensure absolute perfection. The timing, temperature & technique is what makes the Big Fat Ghee unique
❸ The ghee: Golden in colour, grainy in texture and nutty sweet in taste, the Cow ghee is a jar full of nostalgic aromas and deliciousness that has been missing in industrially produced ghee across the country.
❹ The packaging: We use a German Ebro Glass jar for an experience as rich as our Ghee. We further pack the glass jar in a specially designed thermocol capsule so that it reaches you as in its pristine form
❺ Ghee benefits: An Indian superfood, an Ayurvedic elixir, Ghee is an amazing example of traditional fats meeting the present lifestyle demands. A rich source of Omega-3,6 & 9, a natural immunity booster, the most suitable fat for the keto conscious and on top of that, with a smoking point of around 240 degrees, a highly stable fat for all your cooking needs.

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