Nirvan Farms A2 Cow Desi Ghee -Bilona -Vedic Pure and Natural (500 ml)

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Nirvan Farms is a startup which came into existence in early 2019, with a thought of providing products which are not only Nutritious but beyond that ,and our Pure Cow A2 Ghee, is a premium product made with lots of love and hard work.
It is not only a super food with numerous health benefits, but also base of Medicines in Ayurveda, from thousands of years.

what is A2 Ghee?
Ghee made from milk which contains  A2 Beta casein(protein) is called A2 ghee. Which is only found in indigenous breeds of cows in India. THARPARKER is one of those best breeds which we use in our farms.
Nirvana Farms A2 organic ghee is traditionally (Bilona Method) made by wooden churner in mud pots without using any machines to retain its pureness and authenticity. To retain its texture , aroma and taste we pack it in glass jars .Our Ghee is made with butter contained from grass fed Tharparker cow milk that contains A2 protein. Untouched, unadulterated, and fresh, this ghee is not just tasty, but healthy too.
Our A2 Desi cow ghee is a well known staple used in most Indian kitchens and as medicine in Ayurveda, from thousands of years in India and now mostly all continents.. Ghee made out of our desi cow breeds is superior in all aspects .
Our pure Cow ghee contains many vital nutrients which helps in making the body healthy and immune to diseases. It is also rich in Antiviral, Antioxidants, Antifungal and Antibacterial properties.  it helps in digestion, fighting diabetes,  and providing vitamins A,D,E,K.Please Relish and share the difference with us. Our Vision is and always will be to provide with versatile products  ,which are not only different and healthy but also complimentary to human bodies , I hope you enjoy Our product as much as we enjoyed creating and delivering it to you.

Our A2 Cow Vedic Ghee Being rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and essential fatty acids, it can in fact cut down on the size of fat cells, mobilizing them in order to burn energy. It promotes lean body mass even while the amount of stubborn fat in the body is high, and helps in boosting metabolism
Our A2 Cow Vedic Ghee ghee is a powerhouse of vitamins A, E, D and Conjugated linoleic acid and a whole range of antioxidants that play a major role in the proper functioning of the heart and cardiac muscles. Since it is also prepared at a high smoking point, it prevents good fats from turning into harmful compounds.
Our A2 Cow Vedic Ghee is made by Traditional Bilona Method using Curd , Makes it more nutritious and easily digestible. Our ghee helps heal our body and brain inside Out..
Our A2 Ghee is so fresh that it remains in medium to light consistency, as if just made with attractive yellow tint and nice danedar texture .which makes it more appealing.


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