LAKSHYA Murrah Buffalo A2 Desi Ghee | Farm Fresh Ghee from Grass Fed Buffalos, 1L Pack

Price: ₹690.00
(as of Oct 06,2021 12:45:12 UTC – Details)

Ghee or clarified butter has been recognised and highly valued by Ayurveda. Placed at the top of the oily foods list Ghee is considered to be a staple part of kitchen and balanced diet. It is a crucial part of our daily food consumption chain. Keeping healthy lifestyle and food practice in vision Lakshya brings Murrah Buffalodesi ghee to you with no added flavourings preservative or colourings.

KING OF TASTE & CUISINES: With its natural aroma & flavour it enhances the taste of everything and satisfies the hunger. From our dal, khichdi, halwas, BesanLaddoos, Saffron Rice to dosa, pavbhaji, chicken, chapattiand so on, ghee is one kitchen staple that we are never getting enough of.
ASSURITY OF PURITY:Lakshya ghee is prepared from the natural milk produced from in-house dairy farming therefore it is free from any chemical or harsh processing. The traditional way of churning makes this Desi Ghee pure and nutritiously safe. With no added preservatives or ingredients it assures quality and authenticity.
GOOD SOURCE OF ENERGY& NUTRIENTS: This pack of desi ghee is enriched with fat soluble vitamins and good amount of calories that will keep your body energized along with boosting immunity. It also contains Vitamin E and antioxidants that are essential nutrients for us.
ADDITIONAL ADVANTAGES: It provides innumerable benefits like helps in minimizing cholesterol level in body. It traditionally believed that it helps in maintaining digestion and enhancing the skin radiance along with moisturizing it.

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