Gavyamart Bilona Ghee in Pantry, 100% Pure Kankrej A2 Cow Desi Ghee Non GMO – Made Using Traditional Bilona Method Ghee 200 ML – Glass Ghee jar Pack – A2 Ghee Cow Organic

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This Gavyamart Ghee in Pantry Prepared by Shree Nandanvan Godham Mahatirth where they Capet only Indian breed cows like kankrej, Sanchori and Gir cows only. Milking is done by hands after feeding calf properly. It is prepared by traditional Indian method where we use A2 cow milk for making cured. Then the Curd is hand churned(bi-directional) to extract butter in earthen pot. obtained Butter is slowly heated to extract Gavyamart Bilona Ghee is prepared by the traditional bilona churned method. You obtain desi ghee from curd route. Where you first obtain milk from desi cow’s, only 70% of milk is obtained and 30% left for the calf. Then you boil milk in earthen pots and keep the milk overnight to make curd out of it. Once you have curd, you need to make butter out of curd and then this butter got boiled to evaporate water from ghee and the fat (clarified butter) is separated from the milk solids.

Makkhan Is Heated At 105 Degree C to obtain best Quality pure A2 cow ghee and Promote Good Health, Lubricating Joints, And Is Super Rich In Anti-Oxidants To Improve Body Immunity. cow A2 cultured ghee
Made by the Farmer and Desi Cow lover communities
High smoke point and Best for cooking and Deep frying
Helpful in pregnancy, Slow downg aging process and Good for growing kids. a2 bilona desi cow ghee

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