Eternal Euphoria: Six Peels to Happiness

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The easiest way to happiness is peeling the parasites that cause anxiety and agony. It is not practical to expect every moment to be serendipitous. Nevertheless, it is possible to keep overthinking and stress at bay. Despite the monotony, remember the transitory period we have taken a human form in this spellbound universe.

Embrace uncertainty and accept reality because the arbitrary atoms steer the course of life. Take delight in solitude rather than jeopardizing your peace. Distance yourself from egoism, considering how small of creatures we are in this cosmos.

It is no shame to be naive, immature, flamboyant, desperate, imbecile, and lunatic in a world full of temporary people. Let us not waste time around cynical people but frolic on the oceans and mountains to celebrate life. Breathe in harmony with nature and be grateful for your existence.

Dive deep into the book—Eternal Euphoria—to explore the practical ways to stay happy forever.

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